What does SEW-EURODRIVE offer me?

What we offer you

We have a lot to offer you. In particular, an inspiring working environment with colleagues that are always there to provide support. And training that's fun. Here you can find out more about all the other benefits at SEW-EURODRIVE.

Fantastic environment, outstanding benefits

We offer training that's fun and enjoyable
We offer training that's fun and enjoyable
We offer training that's fun and enjoyable


Obviously we are not able to guarantee employment. But, if you give it your all then your chances of employment are very high! As a family-owned company most of our earnings flow straight back into the company. This lets us plan for the long-term and stand by our employees, even in periods of crisis.


We make sure that you are not just a spectator, we get you involved. And if you want to switch departments or your area of activity: no problem. We support initiative and commitment! And if your performances are good, you can also complete an international placement or you can work in one of our Technical Offices.


We are always there to help. And we also support you with material: for example, our trainees have access to cheap tools. We provide a laptop for all our students and IT trainees.

Seminar program

Our trainees and dual students benefit from our extensive seminar program. We have not outsourced our seminars – we are dedicated and committed to holding these ourselves. These are not just about imparting specialist knowledge, but also focus on developing your personality. Cohesion is important to us.

Leisure program

An extensive leisure program rounds out our offer. From music through to sport: we give you a range of options. Incidentally, if you want to get involved you can also set up a separate leisure program for all employees together with other trainees.

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Training offers at SEW-EURODRIVE

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