What does SEW-EURODRIVE actually do?

We get things moving

At SEW-EURODRIVE it's all about the right drive. Not much would happen without us! From rollercoasters to the automotive industry and sports stadiums: our drive systems are used everywhere.

Drive for the world

Have you ever asked yourself how modern car factories work? Or multi-function sports stadiums? How drinks are bottled, hydropower stations are constructed or how bags are transported at the airport? All of these applications primarily need one thing: the right drive. Reliable, efficient and future-proof. And that's what we provide.

You will find our technology almost everywhere. Whether drives for conveyor belts, modern logistics in online shipping, gravel mining, assembly lines or to produce food or furniture: there is a good chance that the things you use every day were produced using our drive systems.

The video shows you how, for example, our technology is used to bottle drinks.

And here you can see how our technology is used in packaging technology.

Over 18,000 employees around the world are working on developing, producing and distributing the drive systems of the future. Expert advice is particularly important: we make sure that we always provide our customers from different sectors the best possible solution to meet their requirements.

This opens up a diverse range of training opportunities for you. And the opportunity to get involved in your preferred areas.

Find out more about our training program and courses or apply now – we look forward to meeting you!

Parents and Teachers
Info for parents and teachers

Info for parents and teachers

We provide outstanding prospects for your child and your students.

What we offer you
What we offer you

What we offer you

You can expect a fantastic environment and a range of additional benefits!

Training offers at SEW-EURODRIVE

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