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My name is Anna Ziegler and I am completing the StudiumPlus Mechatronics program. I first came across SEW-EURODRIVE at a seminar course at my school. I found the instructors to be friendly and I really enjoyed the atmosphere during our stay in Bruchsal. For me, the company is the perfect combination: you are not just an anonymous individual in a huge company, but you still benefit from the advantages of having a global employer.

Mechatronics gives me the opportunity to complete comprehensive training in mechanical and electrical engineering. I receive an insight into the various departments at SEW-EURODRIVE and I can understand the connections between several topics thanks to my broad knowledge base.

My everyday activities in the StudiumPLUS program are extremely diverse: I spend some of the time at the university in Karlsruhe, where I experience normal everyday student life. I complete my practical training at the training workshop. Depending on the project, I work on the machinery and drill, mill, lathe, file or learn electrical and pneumatic skills. In the departments I work on projects independently.

For me, the company is the perfect combination: you are not just an anonymous individual in a huge company, but you still benefit from the advantages of having a global employer.

I generally get to structure my daily routine in the department independently. I have my project to be completed within a certain period. I am responsible for dividing my work packages. This starts with the induction phase, where I familiarize myself with the topic. I then discuss how to implement the project with my supervisor. The actual implementation then differs considerably depending on the project, but I normally work on the computer with special programs to create 3D models, for example. What I find great is that the projects are actually relevant for the company and that they don't just get filed away. Your work can really make a difference!

The StudiumPLUS program gives me an in-depth insight into the company and all its facets: I don't just learn about development and engineering activities, I also get to experience an employee's workplace in a plant. This means that I get to see the company from many different perspectives. The activities are also extremely diverse! I really enjoy switching between the practical activities in the workshop, the theory at university and the time in the departments. In particular, I am always delighted when I can apply something I learned from another area to my work.

I get on really well with my instructors, classmates and trainee colleagues in the training workshop. And the people in the departments, in Development and in Sales, are also all very friendly and helpful and are happy to provide support whenever they can. I have always felt very comfortable and enjoyed working together with everyone.

Once I complete my course I am completely free to choose my future career path. I can start with a department directly or decide to leave the company and complete a master's course. In my first few weeks at SEW-EURODRIVE I got to know a few former students who are now very young group managers or in other positions of responsibility. I was very surprised! I can't wait to see where my path will lead...

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