Cooperative study program: StudiumPLUS

Combined study and training program

StudiumPLUS, study and training in just four and a half years. The complete theoretical and practical program gets you in top shape for challenging tasks when you joint us. Ready to start?

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Karlsruhe University
Karlsruhe University
Karlsruhe University

Are you looking to learn something practical after completing your university entrance qualification but don't want to miss out on challenging study program? Looking for something “real” after 12 or 13 years of school? Then StudiumPLUS is right for you. After four and a half years you won't just have a Bachelor's degree in the bag, you will also have completed professional training. Compared to the Cooperative State University study program, StudiumPLUS provides longer practical phases and greater exposure to an engineer's everyday working life. After your study program you work on developing new products. This means that you know what it's all about: ultimately you help to manufacture products during your training period.

Your complete your training with us and simultaneously study at the renowned Karlsruhe University. This combined study model saves you at least two years compared to completing a training program with a subsequent degree program. And our internal seminars also assist both your technical and personal development.

Your StudiumPLUS program ends in the 7th semester with a subject-specific bachelor thesis. You can count on our competent support! What this looks like in reality shows the example of Tobias Rück who has not only demonstrated academic excellence in the course of his StudiumPLUS studies but whose bachelor thesis has supported our product development in a sustainable manner.

You can find more information on the individual courses in the StudiumPLUS study program and the requirements on the website of the Hochschule Karlsruhe – University of Applied Sciences:

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, with training as an industrial mechanical, 210 ECTS points
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics, with training as a mechatronics technician, 210 ECTS points
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical engineering and information technology, with training as an electronics engineer for industrial engineering, 210 ECTS points
  • Bachelor of Science - Computer science with training as an qualified IT specialists for application development, 210 ECTS-Punkte
  • Bachelor of Science - Information management engineer with training as an Qualified IT specialists for application development, 210 ECTS-Punkte

The general university entrance qualification is a prerequisite for a StudiumPlus.

What to know more about what to expect? Then take a look at our training concept.

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Impressionen von unserem Infoabend zum Dualen Studium bei SEW-EURODRIVE.

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