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Our Young Potential Program provides targeted development of young graduates who have proven successful at SEW-EURODRIVE. With us, you can take the next step toward your future career.

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Advancement with the Young Potential Program
Advancement with the Young Potential Program
Advancement with the Young Potential Program

Do you have a committed, proactive approach to your work? If so, you stand a good change of being included in our Young Potential Program. This program is designed to advance young talent and high performers with a university degree who have already spent at least one year at the company. We prepare you to take on additional responsibility and play an active role in developing the drive technology of the future.

The Young Potential Program runs for two years, during which you receive on-the-job training. Seminars, events, and coaching sessions provide the strategic and methodical framework for your continued development – from both a professional and personal perspective. You will complete structured training to improve your project management skills and work on strategically relevant projects in a team with other young potentials, which will help establish a strong network of contacts.

Throughout the program, you will be supported by external instructors and coaches. And our personnel development team, of course. Particularly high-performing individuals can also qualify for our expert careers or management training program. The career paths open to you depend on your personal interests and abilities, coupled with current company requirements.

Does this sound like your sort of thing? Then take the first step with us. And, if you display a particularity high level of commitment, it could be your entrance ticket to our Young Potential Program.

Discover more of the benefits that we offer. Take a look at our current job openings or submit a speculative application – we look forward to hearing from you!

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After finishing my degree in industrial engineering, I came to SEW-EURODRIVE in late 2005 to work on my thesis. Because of my positive experiences, I also decided to start working there, and have been a member of the big SEW-EURODRIVE family for some years now.

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