FAQ about jobs and application

Questions about jobs and application

Do you still have questions about the online application or the application process? You can find the most important answers here.

General questions about your application

What is the best way for me to apply?

Can I apply by email?

No. Please use our convenient online system for your application. You can reach your goal quickly that way!

How can I search for vacant positions?

Our job database offers you convenient ways of searching:

  • Free text search
  • Search by level of entry, employment category, area of work, location
  • Radius search

Following that, you will receive an up-to-date overview of suitable positions. These are also shown on a job map.

Are all of the advertised positions still current?

The positions advertised on our careers website are up-to-date. The appointing process has not yet been completed for any of the positions.

Is there a closing date for applications?

No. A position remains vacant for as long as it takes us to find a suitable candidate. We do not advertise the position after this point. You can therefore apply for the positions advertised at any time.

What is the best way for me to submit a speculative application?

If you have not found any suitable positions, you can submit a speculative application for the following fields of work:

  • Engineers and technical specialists in development
  • Engineers and technical specialists in sales-related areas
  • Computer scientists for product development/innovation
  • Computer scientists for the IT industry
  • Students for internships, final papers and student work placements

For further information refer to our speculative application page.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

You can of course apply for several positions that interest you.

You will receive your login details by email as soon as you have submitted your first application. You can use these login details to apply for other positions. Please note, however, that your login details will be deleted after seven days for data protection reasons. You have the option of requesting new login details at any time using the "Forgot Password" function. You can then use the user data that is already stored for further applications. For further information refer to our data privacy statement.

Please note that we review your application separately for each position and we will therefore contact you in regard to the respective position.

How can I get in touch with the Recruiting team?

You will find details of the relevant contact person for the position advertised in each job posting by SEW-EURODRIVE. If you have already applied, you will find details of your contact in the correspondence.

Our applicant hotline will be happy to assist you with general questions relating to the application. The telephone number for the hotline is +49 7251 75 1999.

When should I expect to receive a response to my application?

Following your application you will receive confirmation of application from us. Generally speaking, it takes roughly four to six weeks to process your application. Speculative applications take longer to process. Should you wish to inquire about your application, please contact the person named in your confirmation of application directly.

How can I prepare myself for an interview?

It is best to think about the arguments you wish to use to convince us beforehand. What excites you about the position, about our company? What experience and skills can you bring to the new position?

It is also helpful to take a look at our website. This means you will be optimally informed and will already have a feel for the company and for our way of thinking and working.

If you are a graduate we look forward to you bringing your final paper with you if it is relevant to the position.

We have prepared additional application tips for you here.

Who will be present at my interview?

Generally speaking, you will meet with the departmental manager and the relevant recruiter. You will receive the names of the people who will be present with your letter of invitation.

Does it make sense to re-apply after a rejection?

Yes. Because we always make our choice based on a specific position and the given pool of applicants at that time. For this reason, the decision for a different position at a different point in time may be to your benefit.

What application documents do I submit?

In addition to your resume, please send us your cover letter and all of your certificates/references so that we can form a comprehensive picture of you. For more information, refer to our application tips.

Questions about our online application system

How does the online application system work without any problems?

Our online application system supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Please use one of the stated browsers as the proper functioning of the system can otherwise not be guaranteed. Pop-up-blockers must be deactivated.

What should I pay attention to when uploading my application documents?

You can upload a maximum of 20 individual documents. Each document can be a maximum of 5MB.

We prefer PDF format.

Other possible file formats: tif, jpg, txt, pdf, doc, docx, bmp, png, ppt, pptx, xls and xlsx.

Can I withdraw/delete my application?

The position isn't for you after all? Or have you received another job offer in the meantime? In that case, please inform your contact person by email. Your contact person is the person who confirmed receipt of your application. We will then delete your data and your application will no longer be considered.

How is data protection complied with?

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. We follow the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). In our data privacy statement we have compiled detailed information.

How much time do I need for my online application?

Generally speaking, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the application form. You can then easily upload your online application folder.

It takes even less time if you use the XING application.

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