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Sustainable and innovative – Focus on the future

Sustainability is not something we care about only in good times, but is a philosophy we live by in all areas of the company. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

Focus on people and the environment

Responsible use of the environment and resources
Responsible use of the environment and resources
Responsible use of the environment and resources

That opposites are not always mutually exclusive is demonstrated by our commitment to sustainability: Ecology, economy and social responsibility complement each other at SEW‑EURODRIVE.

Our social commitment has many aspects. The SEW‑EURODRIVE Foundation promotes scientific work and the further development of scientific knowledge in the areas of technology and commerce. We also support a multitude of institutions and educational institutions with donations and contributions.

However, social responsibility is also evident within the company itself: For example, it is important to us to offer temporary workers fair conditions equivalent to those of our permanent employees. We also offer deliberately offer opportunities to practically gifted trainees with learning disabilities.

People with severe disabilities are integrated quite naturally by SEW‑EURODRIVE into our shared working life. We offer individual support to employees with limitations or disabilities and offer intensive assistance for setting up their working environment.

A responsible approach to the environment and resources is one of our core objectives. This is demonstrated, for example, in our use of environmentally compatible materials and raw materials. We consistently invest in the development of sustainable and energy-saving products, for example our Energy-efficient motors IE2 to IE4.

We are also active in environmental protection: All printed materials at SEW‑EURODRIVE are produced with zero impact on the environment in collaboration with ClimatePartner, an environmental consultancy firm. Our print-on-demand concept minimizes the use of paper in the documentation area.

We view all these steps as an investment in the future, with which we make our contribution to society and position our company towards the future - with people at the center of all we do.

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