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Applying to SEW-EURODRIVE: Step by step

We are thrilled that you wish to move us forward with your drive.

There are essentially two ways of applying to SEW-EURODRIVE: online or by post. As a rule, we recommend using our online application system. This guarantees a smooth application process and ensures that your application arrives at the right place. In addition, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the online form and you save on postage as well as on the costs for expensive application folders.

The application process is very straightforward:*

  • Go to our online application system.
  • Follow the instructions there to apply either using the form and file attachments or via XING/LinkedIn. Please also note our application tips.
  • You will receive confirmation of receipt shortly after that. Generally speaking, we will get in touch within four to six weeks after we have reviewed your application. For speculative applications, this can take even longer because we have to check for possible positions.
  • We liked your application? Great! We will send you a written invitation to a phone interview. The relevant recruiter will give you a more detailed description of the position and you have the opportunity to have questions answered. Of course, we also want to get to know you better. If your profile meets the requirements of the position to be filled, you will be invited to a personal interview. On site, you will get to know the manager and the recruiter with whom you will talk about technical contents and gain more insight into the position. How long the discussion lasts depends on the position and the applicant's experience. Generally speaking, you should allow one to two hours for the appointment.
  • If not only your qualifications but also your drive is right, we will conduct a second, more in-depth interview. For students, however, we normally only conduct one interview.
  • If all discussions have gone well, if you impressed us and we impressed you, then the path is now clear for you to join us. This means: welcome to SEW-EURODRIVE!

*Are you a high school student and would you like to apply for a trainee position or for a cooperative education program? You can find information about the relevant application process in the questions & answers for high school students.

We look forward to your application!

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