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Praise from others

We have received multiple awards as an employer. A fact that we can be proud of, and which also shows how important our employees are to us.

Our Corporate Culture is characterized by our great respect towards our employees. For us, this also includes Outstanding Prospects and working conditions. Our awards prove that we take this seriously.

SEW-EURODRIVE certified as "MINT-Minded-Company

Mint-green "MINT Minded Company 2023" label, logo of organizer "aud!max Medien" bottom left, logo of "MINT Zukunft schaffen" bottom right
MINT Minded Company – an audimax Medien initiative
MINT Minded Company – an audimax Medien initiative

Based on national surveys conducted by audimax Medien, students and graduates in the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology ("MINT" – the German equivalent of STEM subjects) have nominated SEW EURODRIVE as a "MINT Minded Company" for the sixth time in a row this year, following 2018. This means that in 2023, we are once again among the German companies that respondents feel show exemplary commitment to young STEM employees.

With this campaign, audimax Medien aims to counteract the trend that more and more STEM positions remain vacant every year. The initiative is supported by the "MINT Zukunft schaffen" ("Create a STEM future") employer association, of which German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the patron.

5 stars for one of the best training companies in Germany

One of the best training companies in Germany
SEW-EURODRIVE: One of the best training companies in Germany

We at SEW­EURODRIVE were honored with 5 stars for being one of the best training companies in Germany by the German business magazine Capital and the talent platform following a survey among more than 500 HR managers. The survey focused on the assessment criteria "support", "learning on the job", "commitment of the company" and "chances of success". We excelled particularly in the first two categories as well as in "chances of success". We're pleased about this recognition and it encourages us to make sure that we keep on offering young talents top trainingand an excellent cooperative study program in the future.

Award-winning learning culture

E-Learning Award 2017
SEW-EURODRIVE receives the E-Learning Award 2017

We have received the E-Learning Award 2017 in the "Personal Learning Environment" category for our "Learn learning" e-learning project. Our pioneering e-learning scenario beat numerous other projects to win the eLearning Journal's prestigious award.

"Learn learning" is primarily about communicating as equals. With the help pf 36 practical questions, users determine their own personal learning type. The four categories of learning type are characteristic of different learning styles. "Explorer" learners are particularly good at learning from experiences and observations. Other learning types are the "Practitioner", the "Thinker" and the "Decision-maker". Employees can thus receive a learning program tailored to their individual personality.

This learning-focused, interactive design promotes users' intrinsic motivation and opens up new learning options, furthering individual personal development and a stronger learning exchange. True to our motto "It's people who make the difference", it makes a valuable contribution our corporate culture and values .

Outstanding health management

Distinguished with the Corporate Health Award
Distinguished with the Corporate Health Award
Distinguished with the Corporate Health Award

The vital360° health management program was already awarded the seal of excellence in the 2015 Corporate Health Awards. In 2017, an official one-day audit was carried out where we were able to improve our results once again. We were particularly pleased to hear that we were able to score as one of the finalists in the mechanical engineering / heavy industry category. This means that we can continue to count ourselves among the healthiest companies in Germany! Among other things, the mandatory "Healthy Leadership" training series, the inclusion of health scouts to spread the word as well as our variety of sports and health activities contributed to this excellent result. These measures support our employees not only in their careers, but also in maintaining their health and having fun. The auditors were particularly impressed by the health concept worked out by our employees which provides orientation for all employees and encourages them to take action for themselves and their health.

Excellent employer for engineers and computer scientists

Certified as an “outstanding employer for engineers”
Certified as an “outstanding employer for engineers”

TÜV Rheinland, in cooperation with the Association of German Engineers (VDI), has awarded us the certificate of "Outstanding employer for engineers" yet again. This means a lot to us; this award is based on an independent, anonymous survey of more than 1,000 engineers and computer scientists at the company as well as audits of the personnel department. Topics such as independent work, career development, working environment, work-life balance, stability in a crisis, organizational structure, and technology leadership are evaluated. We impressed across the board.

Excellent employer for students

SEW‑EURODRIVE is distinguished as a "Fair Company"
Distinguished as a Fair Company
Distinguished as a Fair Company

It's not only our employees to whom we have a lot to offer. We also care about supporting students. The seal "Fair Company" acknowledges the values that we take as a matter of course: We keep our promises, take responsibility for our employees and hope to inspire enthusiasm even in our trainees and up-and-coming talent.

But that's not all – There are more awards we have ready to show you.

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