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Do you still want to keep moving into the future? With individual advancement and a range of training programs, we systematically contribute to your further development.

Advancement right from the start!

Personnel development is important at SEW‑EURODRIVE
Personnel development is important at SEW‑EURODRIVE
Personnel development is important at SEW‑EURODRIVE

You can achieve great things with us: As a global player and innovation leader, we can offer you numerous career opportunities in a rapidly developing sector of the future.

To enable you to make maximum benefit of your opportunities, we support you with further education and training in technical and personal areas. This includes lecture series on current technical topics, visits to technical conferences, soft skills training courses or seminars in our DriveAcademy®.

You can learn a lot from the beginning: With our comprehensive orientation program we provide you with all the information you need for a successful introduction to the company. Detailed insights into the company and specific programs for your application area provide you with the ideal starting point for your development.

We also encourage conscientious young talents with individual development measures or the expert careers. Managers are developed with our management careers. Particularly effective students have access to StudentsWorld, an effective network for preparing to start your career.

Above all, however, we develop you as an individual: Commitment, creative ideas, and the desire to make things happen are always welcome and encouraged. This drives us forward as a company, and propels you on your successful career path.

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