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Excellent environment, many benefits

Would you like to join us as a student trainee or intern? Or write your final paper with us? We offer you an ideal environment for combining theory and practical experience.

Expect some things

We offer creative freedom and a flexible workplace design
We offer creative freedom and a flexible workplace design
We offer creative freedom and a flexible workplace design

Here as a student at SEW-EURODRIVE you will find a diverse range of tasks and challenges that will really help you develop. It is for this reason that, as a family-owned company and Fair Company.

We support you from the very first day - with expert supervision, an open working atmosphere and the willingness to discuss creative ideas and then to actually implement them. It does not need to be said that an above-average remuneration, a modern workplace and excellent integration within the team are also part of the package.

At SEW-EURODRIVE, you will feel at ease right from the start: At the informational day for new students you will quickly get to know your fellow students and learn a lot about us as a company. Networking and getting to know each other continues even after this: At SEW-EURODRIVE there is a regular student get-together specifically for you - conversation in a relaxed atmosphere included.

We are well connected and strong in research and development.. This in particular shows our wide ranging cooperations. Professional dialog is not the only focus at SEW-EURODRIVE. With our internal seminars on topics such as project management, moderation or rhetoric we will also concentrate on your personal development. And with StudentsWorld we offer an advancement program for students with a particularly high level of commitment. Stay on the ball!

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