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Your questions about joining the company as a student

Do you still have questions about internships, student trainees or final papers? Would you like to know more about the StudentsWorld program? You can find helpful answers here.

Questions about internships and final papers

What fields of study are wanted?

As a technology company we are mainly looking for students from engineering fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering and related subject areas. We also welcome computer scientists and business data processing specialists to an internship, student work placement or final paper. Interesting tasks await students of economics and the humanities.

You can find out if there is a suitable position for you in our job opportunities.

What conditions apply for the internship and final paper?

You should be studying one of the courses of study mentioned above. You have also come to the right place if you want to make a difference and develop yourself further while doing so. If you have good communication skills, are a team player, can demonstrate good to very good performance in your studies and approach tasks with an eye for detail and analytical understanding, then you will fit in perfectly here with us. Specific subject-related skills can be found in our job opportunities.

What areas of the company offer internships/final papers?

We offer many different interesting areas for your internship or your final paper: Research & Development, Product Management, IT, Production/Logistics, Quality Management, Marketing, Sales, Service, Purchasing, Finance/Controlling, Human Resources. To find out more about your specific tasks, read the personal accounts provided by our students.

Is there a minimum length of time for an internship?

An internship at SEW-EURODRIVE must last at least 12 weeks.

What do I earn during my internship/final paper?

Remuneration is dependent on your qualifications.

How am I supervised during my internship/final paper?

What tasks should I expect to do during my internship?

You will work on specific projects and/or support colleagues with daily business. Details about the internship can be found in the respective job posting. We will also discuss your tasks with you at the interview.

Can I do an internship abroad?

A project-related posting abroad is possible if you have already completed an internship at an SEW-EURODRIVE location in Germany.

Are pre-university and basic internships also offered?

Is it possible to do an internship as part of further education/retraining?

Yes. As a FairCompany We do expect appropriate proof of the need to do an internship as part of training or further education. Details can also be found in our job opportunities.

Questions about StudentsWorld

How can I be accepted to StudentsWorld?

To be accepted to StudentsWorld, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • A five-month internship or a bachelor's thesis at SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Completion of at least three semesters
  • Student with an enrollment certificate (regular period of study)
  • Subject area: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer science or a very closely related field of study
  • Subject area: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science or a very closely related course of study
  • Good academic achievements (as a bachelor's degree candidate: admission to the master's program)
  • Good command of English

If, in addition to these criteria, you are recommended by your supervisor, you can express your interest in a personal statement, and you impress us in a final discussion: Welcome to StudentsWorld!

What makes StudentWorld of interest to me?

As a member of StudentsWorld, you have the chance to show us that you are exactly the right person for SEW-EURODRIVE. You can further develop yourself professionally and personally as well as form a detailed picture of the entry level opportunities offered by SEW-EURODRIVE.

What does StudentsWorld offer me?

Members benefit from a number of different measures. For example, you can take part in events at Bruchsal such as presentations, workshops or soft skills seminars and receive admission tickets for the big trade shows including a tour of the stands. You will also have opportunities to continue your involvement with SEW-EURODRIVE. Your personal mentor and your contact person for StudentsWorld (see below) are there to assist you at any time should you have questions about the course of study and career prospects. For more information, go to: StudentsWorld.

Who will be my personal mentor?

It is planned for your mentor to be a person you already know from your time at SEW-EURODRIVE. Generally speaking, this will be your supervisor.

Is it guaranteed that I will be able to start my career at the company afterwards?

There is no guarantee that you will be employed following completion of StudentsWorld. That being said, the chances are good if you complete your studies with good or very good final grades, actively involve yourself in StudentsWorld and are flexible as far as the entry-level position and department are concerned. In the discussions about your prospects, which take place regularly, we try to find options early on for you to subsequently join us.

Who is the right contact person for further questions?

Your contact person for all questions relating to StudentsWorld is Patrick Frank. You can reach him at +49 7251 / 75 1908 or by email: patrick.frank@sew-eurodrive.de .

Questions about your application

What is the best way for me to apply?

What application documents do I submit?

We need:

  • Cover letter with details of the time period for the internship or final paper
  • Resume
  • High school leaving certificate
  • Reference letters from former employers, training certificates, internship references
  • Current transcript of grades
  • Enrollment certificate

Is there a closing date for applications for an internship or final paper?

Please apply at least three months in advance of your proposed start date for the internship or final paper. As a general rule, it is possible to start at any time. The time period stated in the job posting is intended only as a guideline and can change.

After I have applied, when should I expect to hear back from you?

As soon as you have completed your application you will receive confirmation of receipt from us. Depending on the position, it can take some time to process your application. If you have questions regarding the status of your application, please get in touch with your contact person in Human Resources. Details of your contact person can be found on the confirmation of receipt.

General questions

Which university fairs does SEW-EURODRIVE attend?

You will find as at many events. All current dates can be found in our events calendar.

What does the region have to offer?

At SEW-EURODRIVE we know how to work well and live well. Discover one of the most attractive regions in Germany, renowned for its mild climate and wonderful landscapes. Bruchsal features a number of sights and cultural highlights - as well as a high standard of living. For example, the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe, the third biggest town in Baden-Württemberg – and one of the sunniest in Germany – is just 20 kilometers away. In this section, you can learn more about Bruchsal and the Karlsruhe region.

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