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Would you like to take on temporary work during the semester vacation and gain insights into our company? If so, submit a holiday worker application.

Students welcome

Holiday workers support our employees e.g. in the production
Holiday workers support our employees e.g. in the production
Holiday workers support our employees e.g. in the production

Support us during your semester vacation as a holiday worker in sales or in production. We are looking for students to take on temporary work at our Bruchsal and Graben-Neudorf locations.

As a holiday worker you won't just earn money, you will also gain insights into the processes of an internationally active technology company at the same time.

For example, you will work in electronics production in Bruchsal (equipping component parts, soldering and order picking) or support our production areas in Graben-Neudorf or in the Bruchsal industrial gear plant (helping out on CNC machines). Similarly, you can also work in our logistics-assembly areas (shipping/packing tasks, order picking and simple assembly work). Or you can take on an administrative role in sales at our Bruchsal location.

What we need from you:

  • Brief cover letter with details of possible periods of availability
  • Resume in tabular format
  • Student status (please include a valid enrollment certificate)
  • A willingness to do shift work (in production, logistics and assembly areas)
  • And, of course, reliability!

We look forward to hearing from you!

How quickly will I receive a response to my application?

Immediately after your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. As soon as we have scheduled you for a vacation helper activity, you will receive a short info from us via mail. This usually takes 2-4 weeks. An interview does not take place for the vacation helper job.

If I receive a rejection due to incomplete documentation, can I reapply?

Yes, provided you apply with complete documentation (cover letter, résumé, school/university enrollment certificate (if available), application form)

If I have sent complete documentation and do not receive a positive response,

Your documentation is checked for all vacancies. For various reasons, reapplying is unlikely to be successful.

What is a vacation employee's leave entitlement?

For every four weeks of service completed, a vacation employee is entitled to one day of leave.

Service Leave entitlement

From 4 weeks 1 day

From 8 weeks 2 days

12 weeks 3 days

Days of leave not taken will be automatically paid out with the final salary payment after the end of the employment.

Can vacation employees build up overtime?

Yes, as long as you are working flextime rather than shifts. You can either take the accrued hours as days off or have them paid out at the end of your employment.

The maximum weekly working hours for under-18s must not exceed 38.75.

What do I need to do if I'm sick, and will I continue to get paid?

Under § 3 (3) of the German Act on Continued Payment of Remuneration (Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz – EFZG), sick days are not paid during the first four weeks. From four weeks of an uninterrupted term of employment, salary is also paid in cases of sickness.

If you are unable to work or are prevented from working, you must notify your supervisor without delay. For the first day of incapacity for work, you must also provide your employer with a medical certificate confirming your incapacity for work and its probable duration.

Can vacation employment be extended?

It is possible in principle to extend vacation employment. In this case, the length of employment must not exceed twelve weeks.

Please discuss this with your supervisor at an early stage (at least two weeks in advance). Your supervisor will then explain the next steps to you if an extension is possible.

I have a question about my pay stub. Who should I speak to about this?

HR Administration & Services (PDA) is responsible for your pay stubs.

I have to terminate or cut short my contract due to unforeseen circumstances.

In this case, your supervisor is once again your first point of contact. Please notify him/her about the changed situation as soon as the circumstances become known. If no solution is found and you really need to terminate the employment early, a letter of resignation is required. Such a letter must be written and personally signed by you.

In this regard, also note the three-day notice period specified in your employment contract. Failure to fulfill the contract (unexcused absence, refusal to work, violation of company regulations) can lead to termination by the employer.

Is an application by e-mail/mail possible?

NO, we only accept applications via our online portal.

If I'm doing a gap year as a volunteer, can I apply to be a vacation employee

It does not make sense to apply, as we are not allowed to employ you.

Can I apply to you without a valid pupil/student status?

No, you can only apply for a temporary position. These types of vacancies are advertised on our careers page as temporary staff.

Please note: We adhere to the requirements set out in compliance guidelines and to statutory provisions (the German General Act on Equal Treatment – AGG). All applications received are given equal consideration.

For what periods do you look for vacation employees?

For the period June to October in the relevant year.

I can only work as a vacation employee in a very specific time frame.

Greater flexibility increases your chance that we can employ you as a vacation helper.

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