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SEW-EURODRIVE staff carrying out the engineering service

What benefits does our engineering service offer you?

Our engineering service helps you carry out modernization measures, plan new systems and implement MAXOLUTION® system solutions. Good partners support you with everything from planning control cabinets and producing wiring diagrams to mechanical modifications during modernization, project-specific software adjustments, system simulations and end-to-end project management.

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Our services

Control cabinet planning and production of wiring diagrams, including documentation

Control cabinet construction in line with your specifications and requirements

Revisions to the wiring documentation affected

Mechanical modifications for mechanical retrofits

MAXOLUTION® system solution:
  • Project management
  • Engineering energy supply (MOVITRANS®) and communication
  • Software adaptations in MOVIPRO® (project-specific)
  • MOVISAFE® safety controller software adaptations (project-specific)
  • System simulation/emulation (project-specific)

Simulation of kinematics in MOVISUITE® with MOVIKIT® kinematics

The added value for you

Everything from a single source – from planning the drive system and control cabinet all the way through to production of the control cabinet, programming and startup
Services can be scaled to your requirements
Time and cost savings thanks to simulation and advance startup