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MOVISAFE® safety technology and safety card

What are the benefits of our safety technology consulting?

Our comprehensive safety technology consulting covers everything from research on directives and standards to performing risk assessments on your machines and systems, and developing and implementing safety concepts.

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Our services

Package 1

Research on directives and standards, risk assessments on your machines, systems, partly completed machinery and components, data collection for on-site risk assessments on your systems, and on-site checking and adjustment of the content and technical aspects of your own risk assessments

Package 2

Development of safety concepts, implementation of measures resulting from the risk assessment and implementation of the safety concept developed in conjunction with the system startup

Package 3

Research of characteristic safety values and calculation of the performance level according to EN ISO 13849-1 and 13849-2, detailed results printout from SISTEMA, documentation of results, and archiving

Package 4

Startup costing and quotation, setting up the safety functions required specifically for your system and on-site system startup

Package 5

On-site consulting on CE conformity processes and functional safety

The added value for you

Cost-effective planning – our safety services provide skilled consulting, safety solutions and certified service packages
Confidence – our Functional Safety Management offerings and observance of all the necessary steps ensure legal certainty and quality
Efficiency – our modular and customizable safety services ensure you can make the most of safe and reliable drive automation solutions
Lower outlay – our employees are on hand to offer the benefits that come with years of experience