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Energy consulting with the help of an energy-efficiency analysis on a tablet

What benefits does our energy consulting service offer you?

Identify, implement, and verify energy-saving potential in the drive and automation technology: We provide customized and application-specific energy consulting to ensure maximum energy efficiency of your system.
Our energy efficiency specialists conduct a customized and complete check of your drive systems. They make sure that all possible energy-saving factors are identified and implemented consistently.
Our energy consulting helps your company stay competitive. It also helps you reduce CO2 emissions while also pointing the way as part of climate protection and a sophisticated sustainability aspect.

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Our services

Basic consulting
  • Imparting basic knowledge on modern energy management as well as on energy-saving features of drive and automation technology
  • Qualified basic consulting in regard to all relevant legal and standardized regulations
  • Consistent identification of energy-savings potential using practical calculation examples and reference projects
Data collection
  • Data collected on site by our energy efficiency experts including a tour of the plant and optional efficiency measurement
  • Data collected by you using standardized and application-specific questionnaires
Energy-efficiency analysis
  • Comparing the energy-related data of various alternatives as well as accurately determining the energy-saving potential
  • Specifying investment costs and calculating economic feasibility
  • Documentation of consultation results in the form of an energy report

The added value for you

Optimum energy efficiency and lower energy costs thanks to the optimized energy efficiency of drive components
Traceable and measurable success thanks to a comprehensive consultation concept and an energy report documenting potential energy savings, with success monitoring and performance measurement as required.
The documentation supplied can be put to various uses (verified energy-saving potential and key figures; results report and presentation): It provides evidence of analyses carried out to comply with statutory requirements (e.g. energy management, energy audit, motor regulation, etc.), enhances the company's image (e.g. in a sustainability report) and offers proof of training for auditing in relation to ISO 50001