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An SEW‑EURODRIVE employee carrying out inspection and maintenance work

What are the benefits of our operating and maintenance concepts service?

Developing customized operating and maintenance concepts for the operation phase early on lays the foundation for optimizing storage, operating and maintenance costs. We offer a comprehensive package of individual services to ensure the availability of your machines and systems.

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Our services

Concepts for inspection & maintenance services

e.g. individual maintenance planning processes, notification of upcoming service measures, status reports including recommended courses of action, as well as transparency regarding inspection and maintenance history

Commitment to ensuring the availability

of your system with defined response scenarios, both in terms of new products and services or contacting an SEW specialist

Inventory optimization

to create complete transparency of the drive technology you have in stock, including condition assessment and identification of technically identical drive components

Conversion of your drive technology

in accordance with the latest legal standards and guidelines, as well as customized specifications. Conversion to new SEW developments while taking into account the current installation situation in the customer's system

Compilation and standardization of variants

by comparing the various technical specifications, as well as grouping and optimization of the variants along with the application data

Energetic optimization

from basic consultation, data acquisition and energy efficiency analysis to a subsequent performance review in the form of a power measurement

Extension of the statutory warranty

by up to 36 months after delivery of the new products or repairs performed to an 'as new' condition

Online database

for the central provision of all data, such as comprehensive data and documentation regarding the recorded drive technology (in the system or in stock). Central provision of information for periodically required maintenance measures. Direct access to online support functions (e.g. ordering spare parts, overview of quotations, orders and service processes, etc.)

The added value for you

Optimized and predictable maintenance measures thanks to customized inspection and maintenance services
High system availability thanks to defined response scenarios
Reduced storage costs thanks to an optimized storage concept
Reduced energy costs and compliance with energy regulations through customized energy consultation
Minimum time requirements thanks to the convenient online database for acquiring, updating, searching and evaluating data