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What does our variant management offer you?

With variant management, we offer you standardization and reduction of product variants. In an electronic catalog, you can identify the suitable product variant using comprehensive filter and comparison options. For subsequent follow-up projects, e.g. a new system, exactly this variant can be reused.

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Your requirements

of product variants
Less effort
when it comes to creating and managing material master data
Quick search
based on technical features
of material master data
Reduced storage costs
thanks to the minimized number of product variants

Scalable service portfolio

With our variant management service and its flexible design, we offer you the option of choosing from various service packages. The standard scope of services (for OEMs and system operators) is the basis and includes many useful options. An extended scope of services for groups or system operators completes the range of services.

Implementation (structure of electronic product catalog)

  • Options: 1 – 5 years or over 5 years of data history for product variants
  • Filling of the variant management database with predefined products (quotation or order items, sample orders or quotations) or manual import (Excel file)
  • Connection to various Online Support functions, such as access to up-to-date technical data and documents for each product variant
  • Training of the standard functions of variant management
  • After consultation: optimization of processes in cooperation with the customer (optimizing the ordering and product selection process)
  • By arrangement: analysis of product variants in preparation for rolling out EDI (electronic data interchange)

Annual use (license)

  • Optional, depending on the number of users: 1 – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 9, or 10 – 12 users or no limit on the number of users
  • Ongoing determination and mapping of product variants from orders, quotations, or sample orders
  • Automated uploading of new product variants from orders, quotations, or sample orders on a daily basis
  • Product comparison based on technical features for each drive
  • Independent management of SEW-EURODRIVE product variants (release, blocking, definition of successor products)
  • One-click availability of drive-specific documentation for each product variant (e.g. product data sheet, CAD data, operating instructions)
  • Integrated inquiry and order functionality
  • Continuous support from SEW-EURODRIVE during the rollout phase and the subsequent utilization phase

The added value for you

Time savings thanks to rapid identification of the appropriate product variant
Cost savings thanks to the reduced number of product variants (material master records)
Support with the long-term standardization of drive technology
Online Support - Variant management