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What does our Control cabinet engineering and production service offer you?

The scope of this service includes everything from engineering up to and including the production operations required for a new control cabinet. You tell us what you need, and we develop, build, document, and supply your customized control cabinet. SEW-EURODRIVE is also happy to assemble the control cabinet and connect the energy supply on site.

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Your requirements

New requirement
for fully equipped and wired control cabinets
control cabinet technology and drive technology components
Control cabinet configuration
geared to the relevant applications
Compliance with the latest standards
and directives (energy efficiency, safety technology, etc.)
Retrofit on existing control cabinets
to boost energy efficiency, for example
Conceptual design and production of control cabinets
for the North American region (including certification)

Our services

Control cabinet engineering

Incorporation of customer-specific requirements / conceptual design of the control cabinet structure and the necessary functions / circuit diagram planning / creation of the 3D design / configuration, including the required safety elements / climate-based calculation of the cooling capacity in the control cabinet

Control cabinet production
  • Assembly and machining of the control cabinet housing / wiring and routine test of the control cabinet
  • Control cabinet acceptance inspection, including field labeling for the North American region (in accordance with UL 508A and CSA C22.2), by SEW-EURODRIVE
Preparation of control cabinet documentation

Parts list / risk assessment / circuit diagram / test protocols and verification calculations / operating instructions / declaration of conformity and preparation of certificates / compliance with standards and directives

Project management

Operational project management for compliance with deadline, cost, and quality parameters / monitoring, interface management, and coordination of external project components / preparation and coordination of project documentation / overall contract management


Connecting the control cabinet's power supply / assembling and securing the control cabinet at the relevant location

Your benefits

Minimized risks by on-time delivery of a complete turnkey solution
Lower process costs and less time required
Maximum efficiency of the overall solution through perfectly coordinated individual components
More efficient operation and higher level of automation, for example, to intuitive use and data transparency
Documentation that complies with standards and directives to meet demands such as audit requirements
Cost and time savings, since the implementation of certification requirements for the North (according to UL 508A and CSA C22.2) are implemented by SEW-EURODRIVE. This eliminates the need for on-site acceptance by electrical inspector.