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SEW‑EURODRIVE employee carrying out programming work at a workstation

What does our Application programming service offer you?

The scope of this service includes all services from consulting on your application-specific criteria, definition of the actual and target functionalities, according to your requirements, to application programming and acceptance after successful start up.

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Your requirements

of machine and system functionality
Need for a replacement
motion controller
productivity, reliability, and economic efficiency
Optimization of flexibility and variability
in complex applications
Implementation of complex drive functions,
e.g. multi-axis applications, through customer-specific programming

Our services

Advice on application-specific criteria and requirements

Recording and documenting the current functionality of the installed machine/system

Definition and documentation of the target functionality in line with customer requirements

Compilation of the performance specification

Implementation of the application programming on the basis of the performance specification, e.g.

  • Complete automation by programming the controller, frequency inverter, and operator panel
  • Motion control, axis control in the controller
  • Function blocks, function implementation in the controller
  • Programming on frequency inverter level (e.g. IPOSplus®)
  • Visualization of the machine and system, creation of a documentation of the user interface

Acceptance and verification of the implemented performance specification contents after successful startup

Creation of an acceptance protocol

Your benefits

Rapid assistance and outstanding system availability thanks to standardized programming standards
Standardized programming language IEC 61131-3
Cost savings thanks to the functionality implemented in the inverter (no additional hardware required, e.g. controllers)
Quick program creation thanks to preconfigured functional modules
Workload of the higher-level controller is reduced thanks to the implementation of various functions in the SEW-EURODRIVE controller and inverter

These figures speak for themselves

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