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SEW‑EURODRIVE staff carrying out a Quick Check

What does our Quick Check service offer you?

The scope of this service includes all services, from inspection for external damage, to checking the oil level and the degree of oil contamination, to inspecting the terminal box and the running noise of the gear unit and motor bearings. In addition, you will receive a 12-month SEW functional warranty on the drive technology components that have been inspected and found to be in good working order.

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Your requirements

Improved system availability
preventive inspection of drive components in an existing system
Enhanced operational safety
early detection of damage and specific maintenance recommendations
Lower maintenance costs
and compliance with internal budget requirements
Compliance with standards and internal requirements,
for example by providing evidence and documentation of maintenance measures during audits

Our services

Checking the installation position of the drive technology (comparison of actual and target position)

Inspection for oil leaks and of all external sealing points on the gear unit, for example oil seals

Oil level check (on basis of actual mounting position)

Check of the degree of pollution of the gear oils used

Inspection of gear unit and motor bearings for running noises

Inspection of the terminal box (state, ingress of oil/water, seals, screw fittings) and the wiring on the terminal board

Brake check – mechanical/electrical function and brake wear

Inspection for external, superficial damage and for correct installation of mounted drive electronics (e.g. MOVIMOT®, MOVIGEAR®) and servo drive technology (including motor feedback systems)

Inspection of mount-on components (e.g. belt pulleys, sprockets, couplings, etc.) for superficial damage, missing or improper protective covers, oil leakages

Your benefits

12-month functional SEW warranty on all drive components checked and found to be OK (excluding sealing elements)
Comprehensive documentation in the form of a Quick Check service report, including recommended courses of action
Transparency thanks to clear identification of the drive technology checked and reminder following expiry of liability
Performing Quick Checks for both SEW-EURODRIVE and comparable third-party products
Consulting and scheduling of identified essential maintenance measures for the drive technology
Maintenance measures can be planned thanks to regular Quick Checks
Drive Technology Centers (DTCs)
Drive Centers (DCs)
Service Competence Centers (SCCs)
assembly staff
Quick Checks per year