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An SEW-EURODRIVE employee carrying out an examination with an inspection scope

What does our Examination with an inspection scope service offer you?

The scope of this service includes everything from examination with an inspection scope (e.g. of gearing components and rolling bearings) and a visual inspection (e.g. for oil leaks) to the production of a service report. We also document any recommended courses of action, and are happy to help you with these.

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Your requirements

Condition monitoring and early detection of damage
in gear units
Targeted fault analysis
In the event of frequent gear unit failures, to detect the cause of defective gear units parts, and as an in-depth follow-up inspection, e.g. after an oil analysis

Our services

Examination with an inspection scope
  • Of the gear unit interior, gearing components, and rolling bearings
  • For wear and damage on gearing components and rolling bearings, subject to accessibility
Visual inspection
  • For oil leaks and damage to the gear unit
  • Of the lubricant for large-scale impurities (e.g. metal particles, water)

Photographs to document the outer surfaces of the gear unit and nameplates

Production of a service report based on the examination with an inspection scope, detailing any damage or wear potentially found and/or other anomalies

Documentation of any recommended courses of action (repair, maintenance, etc.)

Creation of a trend analysis based on a comparison with previous examinations with an inspection scope

  • Removal of the lubricant currently in the unit
  • Filling with new lubricant as per manufacturer specifications (volume, viscosity, etc.)

Your benefits

Targeted troubleshooting by pinpointing the damage and providing an appropriate recommended course of action
Complete transparency about the condition of the gear unit
Trend development in relation to wear through regular examination with an inspection scope
Examination with an inspection scope as a starting point for ongoing, condition-based maintenance (condition monitoring)

Example findings of an examination with an inspection scope





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