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What does our CDM® – Complete Drive Management have to offer?

With this service, SEW‑EURODRIVE records every item of your drive technology components, whether installed or in storage. This means looking at all your drive technology with a view to optimizing storage and variants, ensuring compliance with legal requirements (e.g. changes to standards) and even making availability commitments that are measured in hours. The modular design of CDM® – Complete Drive Management gives you the option of choosing between various service packages. You can decide to implement CDM® directly via the CDM® advanced service package or in stages using CDM® standard and a subsequent upgrade.

Please enter your ZIP code to locate a suitable contact person.

Please enter your ZIP code to locate a suitable contact person.

Your requirements

Supply of spare components within hours
Transparency and fast identification
regarding drive technology components that are installed or held in storage
Structured and consistent technical recording
of the installed drive technology components
in relation to the allocated material and equipment numbers and their assignment to the drive technology used in their functional location
with regard to drive technology components that are installed or held in storage
Needs-based stocking
of a new or existing warehouse
of storage management based on the maintenance strategy
Reduction or optimized usage
of the storage space available

Our services

  Data collection by
Data collection by
standard data
advanced data
Recording drive technology components, including
CDM® component identification and photographic record
Checking the installation situation    
Drawing up recommended actions    
Analyzing the installation space      
Implementing customer-specific switchover guidelines    
Creating order templates for each drive technology component
(e.g. materials held in store at SEW-EURODRIVE)
Developing and implementing response scenarios
(e.g. delivering spare CDM® components within hours 24/7)
Data management in CDM®, including for product updates or
changes to normative rule sets
Creating the structure for the customer system in
CDM® in line with the customer's specifications
Creating the link between the SEW serial number,
CDM® component number, functional location, and material and equipment number
Creating an overview of the variance in the equipment installed
and/or drive technology components in storage
to help in optimizing stock levels and reducing
drive variants
One-time course to train the customer in using CDM®
Creating a "digital service booklet" for each CDM® component
Processing of CDM® database messages
(customer to SEW-EURODRIVE):

  • Correcting the structure, such as: Replacement of CDM® components

  • Evaluation of newly installed drive technology components
    (CDM® advanced only)

Overview of drive technology components
installed and potentially in stock
Drive-specific documentation for each CDM® component
(e.g. operating instructions, wiring diagram, service history
spare parts lists, etc.) available via one click


CDM® Maintenance Management CDM® Maintenance Management

The added value for you

Safeguarding system availability within the agreed response scenarios
Reducing downtimes through process optimization (e.g. quick identification of and access to available stocked components)
Reducing storage and maintenance costs
Saving time thanks to rapid access to drive-specific data and documents
Needs-based investment for new procurements and resulting spare parts packages