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SEW-EURODRIVE Mitarbeiter bei der Reparatur

What does our Repair service offer you?

With our repair service, we offer various services, such as emergency repair, function repair and new-value repair with a 24-month or 36-month liability for deficiencies applying to entire drive. This also applies to products from other manufacturers. And if it has to go fast: Order a repair by rush order or our on-site repair. Of course, modifications are also possible within the scope of our repair service if your drive technology has to comply with changed plant conditions.

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Your requirements

cost-optimized, flexible, manufacturer-neutral to restore function and to increase availability with an extended warranty for defects
as a preventive measure for maximum safety
for optimum adaptation to changed system conditions and environmental influences

Our services

repair +12
Industrial gear units  
Liability for deficiencies 36 months
applying to entire drive technology component
24 months
applying to entire drive technology component
24 months
applying to service, including parts replaced
of liability for deficiencies
Restoration of function
For a limited period
Inspection of all drive technology components (e.g. gear units, motors, frequency inverters)    
Removal of parts subject to wear (e.g. rolling bearings, sealing elements, electrolytic capacitors)    
Removal of defective parts and peripherally affected parts    
Inspection and diagnostics of the defective parts to see if they can be reused and reworked. Agreement regarding the use of new spare parts in consultation with the customer      
Reworking of the defective parts (if possible)      
Installation of the reworked parts as well as any new spare parts      
Installation of the new spare parts  
Removal and disposal of the oil in the gear unit (excluding electronics)  
Filling the gear unit with fresh oil according to the operating instructions (excluding electronics)  
Inspection of all electrical components with an impulse voltage tester, and replacement if defective

Reconditioning of the exterior surfaces of the drive technology component before painting, and painting of the drive technology component (excluding electronics)  
Final inspection of the assembly, including functional check
Modification or extension of the function (e.g. retrofitting anti-corrosion measures, activating different technology levels)  
Repair within 1–3 days by rush order (by arrangement)
On-site repair at the customer’s premises    
Use of the following high-quality and durable individual components        
Premium Sine Seal: oil seal with sinusoidal sealing lip on the motor      
Premium fluorocarbon rubber oil seal on the gear unit (output shaft)      
Premium gear oil: GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE for higher gear unit performance    

The services listed above apply to all drive technology components from SEW-EURODRIVE and to other manufacturers’ components by arrangement.

Your benefits

One central contact person for repairs (drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE and other manufacturers’ components)
Maximum security thanks to a 24-month or 36-month liability for deficiencies
Increased system availability thanks to the longer service life of the repaired drive technology component
Reduced maintenance intervals (as per the operating instructions) and, consequently, lower maintenance costs thanks to durable individual components from SEW-EURODRIVE
Fast response times thanks to extensive customer support and service network
High and immediate availability of original SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts
Rush order repair service for short repair times
No repair costs more than a new product. Cost estimates indicating price of new product if required
No logistics outlay and reduced administrative outlay thanks to on-site repair and pick-up/delivery service
Online Support customer portal for easy submission of repair orders

Examples for repairs

On-site repair

Electronics repair

These figures speak for themselves

Our high-quality local repair service ensures short repair times throughout Germany.
Drive Technology Centers (DTCs)
Drive Centers (DCs)
Service Competence Centers (SCCs)
assembly staff
personal technical support