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What does our Mobile vibration analysis service offer you?

This service includes everything from inspecting the drive technology component (e.g. for external damage) and carrying out the vibration measurement to drawing up a service report. We then document any recommended courses of action for you.

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Your requirements

Increased operational reliability
thanks to early identification of damage
Targeted condition analysis
in the event of one-off or regularly occurring faults
Maximum planning certainty
in relation to the maintenance activities required
Inspection of the drive technology
while production is ongoing
Consideration of potential influences
on drive peripherals

Our services

Inspection and photographic documentation of the machine or system

Determination of the operating conditions, e.g. environmental influences, shift patterns

Inspection for external damage, wear, and soiling of the drive technology component

Definition, marking, and photographic documentation of the measuring points

Performance of the vibration measurement on the entire drive technology component. If necessary, this includes influential drive peripherals, e.g. couplings, fans

Processing and analysis of the measured vibration data and comparison with the relevant standards

Determination of the condition of the drive technology components inspected and formulation and documentation of any recommended courses of action that may be necessary

Drawing up of a service report based on a detailed frequency analysis for each measuring point and taking account of any damage, wear, or other anomalies discovered

Creation of a trend analysis based on a comparison with previous vibration analyses

Your benefits

Lower downtime costs thanks to early detection of damage and weak points
Prevention of production disruption, since measurements are taken while operations are ongoing
Ability to plan maintenance activities for the drive technology and for individual parts that are showing early signs of damage
Optimization of the vibration behavior in the drive technology and drive peripherals thanks to a holistic assessment
No need to invest in in-house measuring equipment or staff training