Oskar Stahl reports

Student trainee, Technology Research
Oskar StahlStudent trainee, Technology Research

Self-initiative pays off

I first came into contact with SEW-EURODRIVE during my training as an electronics engineer for automation technology in a small company where I was able to install virtually the complete product range in systems and to some extent startup. Ever since, I have regularly tracked the development of the company during my degree, with the intention of working for SEW-EURODRIVE at some point.

From a speculative application I was successful in gaining a place as a bachelor's degree candidate with the subject “Development of a testing device for energy modules” in the Technology Research department. SEW-EURODRIVE has developed an electrical energy storage device based on electric double-layer capacitors. As the capacity value of electric double-layer capacitors are spread in a specified tolerance range according to the manufacturer, this can result in an uneven distribution of cell voltages which limits the service life. The capacity of the electric double-layer capacitors must therefore be tested in terms of efficiency and levels of quality following the manufacturing process of the energy storage device. This involves the creation of a test concept, the development and design of prototype hardware as well as the programming of micro-controller firmware and software for controlling the testing device. The measured value display and evaluation are also part of this.

It is important that the topic you are working on really interests you. I was supported throughout by my colleagues so that I am able to work independently on my tasks.

Following my bachelor's thesis, I received the opportunity to work as a student trainee. I am currently working on the organization of the planned “Fascination Research / Fascination Technology” informational day. The testing device I developed will be used there.

The cooperation and real willingness to help amongst colleagues in the department meant I was actively supported throughout, which contributed towards improving my own independent approach while working on my tasks. The additional knowledge from seminars for interns reinforced my existing communication skills. The factory tour on the student information day confirmed the positive impressions I had received of the high level of commitment and motivation as well as the cooperative way in which employees worked together, and this also made it possible for me to gain further insights into company processes and the development processes of nearby departments.

Self-initiative pays off. Students who would like to complete an internship or write a final paper with SEW-EURODRIVE can really help their application by contacting the company by phone and making a positive impression. This makes it easier to compose the start to the cover letter and will be recalled positively by the HR department.

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