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What benefits does our drive selection service offer you?

Our user-friendly drive selection based on your application data is the perfect online tool for you. You'll rarely find a faster way to get a drive recommendation during project planning.

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Your requirements

Finding the perfect gearmotor
for every application
Getting online product recommendations
right away with little application data
Receiving further information on the result
such as product data, CAD data, and technical documentation
Being able to decide how to further proceed:
Receiving a result report, configuring details of the product, making an inquiry or placing an order or requesting detailed consultation

Our services

Free web application for quick configuration of gear unit-motor combinations

Guided electronic product selection based on pre-defined applications with selection option between inverter operation and line operation

Determination of suitable gear unit and motor variants for inverter and line operation, in consideration of essential input data (application data as well as motor and gear unit properties)

Included project portfolio: 7-series, 9-series, SPIROPLAN® gear units as well as DRN.. motors (≥= 0.12 kW)

Direct comparison of technical properties for suggested gear unit and motor variants

Sending of a result report providing you with additional information and a link to CAD data and product documentation for the selected drive

Possibility to specify further product properties and options in detail by transfer to the product configurator

Further possibilities to send a direct inquiry via the shopping cart or the contact form

Your added value

Can be used immediately, registration not required
The quickest way to receive a recommendation for a gearmotor based on application data
Easy and intuitive usability by less required application data and fewer selection options for product properties
Transparent calculation with automatically calculated load data displayed and performed tests listed
Permanent availability (24/7) of the application and integration into the customer portal Online Support

Figures that speak for themselves

Minutes until a product is recommended
Steps to your result
Satisfied Online Support users
Days of availability
Product variants can be searched