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What are the benefits of our transaction overview?

You can view all quotations, orders and service transactions, retrieve information about the transactions and check the status thereof with our transaction overview. Comprehensive search functionality using your material number or project number, for example, produces quick results, even if you go back several years in the past. Try out our transaction overview - you are bound to be impressed by its performance capability.

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Our services

The transaction overview allows you to track and check the status of all transactions such as quotations, orders, submissions and service transactions. Even business transactions that took place several years ago can be easily and conveniently located

The transaction search can also be carried out via reference data (such as material number, project number or project designation), provided that we are supplied with it

Downloading relevant documentation is no problem in the transaction overview

A wide range of sorting and filtering options gives you the opportunity to show or hide table columns in accordance with individual requirements

You can create comprehensive documentation packages for entire projects in just a few steps: Using a project reference, multiple transactions are selected and put together in a document

Ordering made easy for you: Place the quotation items or existing order items in the shopping cart and re-order

Retrieve documents which have already been sent: All commercial documents for a transaction such as delivery note, invoice etc. can be located for each transaction as a PDF document

The added value for you

Detailed information including the status of all transactions with SEW‑EURODRIVE
Individual search criteria
Transactions dating back more than 10 years can be retrieved
Simple combination of complex documentation packages regarding your transactions
Delivery tracking for orders


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