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Screenshot – CDM® Database

What benefits does our CDM® Database offer you?

Welche Vorteile bietet Ihnen unsere CDM®-Datenbank?

Central recording of all data in our CDM® Database ensures optimum conditions for targeted assessment and planning of scheduled maintenance operations. Necessary activities such as inspections and repairs are displayed in the CDM® Database.

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Our services

Innovative and convenient database for entering, updating, searching and evaluating data

Drive and frequency inverter monitoring with condition classification (also for products from other manufacturers)

Structuring and comparison of existing drive technology

Mapping of system layout

Online drive and frequency inverter data

Comprehensive search functions

Direct access to all Online Support functions (spare parts ordering, data and documents, product configurator, ...)

Designating drives and frequency inverters for clear and rapid identification, also available through the 24h Service Hotline

Customized consulting to optimize your maintenance concept for existing drive technology and areas such as saving energy, condition monitoring and storage optimization

The added value for you

Transparency for all drive technology
Reduced storage and maintenance costs
Standardization and reduction of drive variants
Rapid access to drive-specific data and documents (CAD drawings, dimension sheets, etc.)
Definition of response scenarios
Inspection and maintenance planning and execution for upcoming service activities
High availability of the CDM® Database and maintenance history
Data security to DIN/ISO 27001