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Final paper, Technology Research
Robert FranzkeFinal paper, Technology Research

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I drove past SEW-EURODRIVE everyday on the way to my pre-university internship. As I was doing this, what I noticed most of all was the Ernst Blickle Innovation Center and the desire to be able to one day contribute to their work started to grow. My goal was clear: This is where I want to go. I therefore applied for my semester internship with SEW-EURODRIVE in the Research Technology department. This enabled me to gather some initial impressions about the company and the development department.

My work always involved new challenges and fascinating topics which I really enjoyed. Towards the end of my semester internship, my supervisor suggested that I should apply for the newly formed student advancement program StudentsWorld, which I then did – mainly due to the great things SEW-EURODRIVE had to offer. It's not only staying in contact with the business through a mentor which made StudentsWorld appealing to me, but above all it's also the workshops, trade show visits and discussions about my prospects. I became really interested in the visits to trade shows. This was because these clearly demonstrated how the knowledge learned during the degree, on the topic of automaton and drives, is implemented in reality.

I can warmly recommend StudentsWorld to all students. For me, it was great to know that a company was interested in me and my personal history, and would support me throughout my studies.

As well as the technical workshops related to the company, soft skills seminars were also available. It was possible to immediately and successfully apply knowledge gained here in upcoming degree projects, as well as in everyday life. This included topics in the areas of conflict management, self-branding, self-management, rhetoric and process management. These seminars, as well as supervision by the mentor, contributed significantly to progression in the degree and beyond.

As part of the discussions about my prospects, it was possible to find a challenging topic for my bachelor's thesis. I did a master's in electrical engineering, specializing in information technology, right after my bachelor's degree. StudentsWorld would also support me in this. I will soon be starting my master's thesis and then my career. SEW-EURODRIVE is right at the top of the list because I know I can expect friendly colleagues, a pleasant working atmosphere and interesting new tasks.

I can warmly recommend StudentsWorld to all students because I was able to gain a lot of experience and also learn a lot in the process. For me, it was great to know that a company was interested in me and my personal history, and would support me throughout my studies.

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