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Internship, TestCenter
Jijing YanInternship, TestCenter

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During my internship internship in the TestCenter, I initially familiarized myself with the graphical programming language LabVIEW in the context of developing and improving a universal test stand. Following this, I was able to devote myself to tasks relating to the ongoing project. During the internship, I had superb support both from my supervisor as well as from my great colleagues. I was therefore always able to find answers to my questions and solutions to my problems.

Following the successful completion of the internship, I started working as a student trainee with SEW-EURODRIVE in May 2013. Since then I have had the chance to once again acquire a lot of new skills. The tasks provide me with an in depth insight into control technology on the actual test stand for gearmotors. I really like the fact that my supervisor allows me a lot of scope for the work so that I can contribute and implement my own ideas. In a talented team, I was entrusted with varied, exciting and interesting tasks, and was able to make a key contribution to bringing the software for test stands on to a more stable, flexible and technically better developed level.

The tasks provide me with in-depth insight into control technology. I really like the fact that my supervisor allows me a lot of scope for the work so that I can contribute and implement my own ideas.

SEW-EURODRIVE provides students with pleasant workplaces containing powerful computers. In addition to a desktop PC, I also use a powerful laptop for flexible programming on the test stand and for presenting my results to the group. Students at SEW-EURODRIVE are regarded as “real” employees. I am informed about company news in the same way as other employees, I am allowed to attend department meetings, have sufficient access to resources and technology, receive invitation to events and am able to attend interesting seminars, e.g. on the subject of project management. My working hours are very flexible and I plan them myself in coordination with my supervisor. SEW-EURODRIVE has specialist staff in the HR department who ensure that students are carefully supervised. They can always advise you correctly, regardless of the subject.

As regards the SEW-EURODRIVE family business, I can say that I particularly like the friendly and cooperative working atmosphere. In the TestCenter there is a good mix of engineers and technicians from the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics. This means that even in the coffee break you can learn a lot from different departments.

As part of my master's thesis I have the opportunity to further develop my technical and personal skills with SEW-EURODRIVE. I will soon be starting my final paper, and, given the right circumstances, I can very well imagine taking up a doctorate post with SEW-EURODRIVE.

I can only advise future students to apply to SEW-EURODRIVE. With their support, the company might be able to discover and unlock hidden potential within you.

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