Heiko Jonuscheit reports

Final paper, IT Business Services
Heiko JonuscheitFinal paper, IT Business Services

Constantly changing, and a great atmosphere

Once I had completed my training as a qualified IT specialist, I started my degree in information management at Karlsruhe University. After successfully completing the bachelor's degree, I moved to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in order to specialize further on the master's course in information economics. I completed my obligatory semester internship and my bachelor's thesis at SEW-EURODRIVE in the IT business services area.

I was approached about StudentsWorld during my bachelor's thesis. The benefits of additional targeted soft skills seminars and workshops, such as self-management, self-branding and sustainable process design, represented great added value as far as I was concerned and supplemented my technical degree with both social and team skills. In addition to this, I was also able to gain a great insight into different areas of SEW-EURODRIVE through factory tours and specialist presentations. In my opinion students' requirements and suggestions are always the priority at SEW-EURODRIVE.

For some years now, I have been a student trainee in the after-sales area alongside my degree. I sent in a speculative application at the beginning of my university studies and I received a student trainee position on the basis of my knowledge in the area of software engineering.

The StudentWorld soft skills seminars represented great added value as far as I was concerned and supplemented my technical studies with both social and team skills.

In the initial months, I had the opportunity to get myself acquainted with the SEW-EURODRIVE service processes and was able to learn about the programming language SAP ABAP. I received a wide range of interdisciplinary tasks and worked in the customer portal. Here, requirements had to be recorded, business processes understood, costs estimated and software solutions had to be designed and integrated within existing applications.

The international approach and responsiveness of SEW-EURODRIVE are always apparent. There are always new service requirements and specific customer requirements from different countries and sectors. Breaking down requirements, the issue of expansion options in software design and the integration of existing IT and business processes are fascinating issues which I am working with on a daily basis. These demand high levels of quality from both software and project management.

SEW-EURODRIVE is primarily an innovative and research-based company for engineers. I was able to learn about the company headquarters in Bruchsal and can recommend that every student studying information management or computer science should send in a speculative application. The flat hierarchy and the continual change create a great working atmosphere. The openness between colleagues and willingness to offer support are superb.

Where possible, a request to work in a certain project or in another department is considered. Company growth, the general growth in IT and the pursuit of perfection and efficiency opens up many opportunities.

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