Alexander Fuchs reports

Student trainee, Technology Research
Alexander FuchsStudent trainee, Technology Research

Outstanding technical supervision

I have known about SEW-EURODRIVE as a strong company in the Bruchsal region for a long time. I came into contact with the company's products during my mechanical engineering degree at KIT. This made me interested in looking more closely at SEW-EURODRIVE technologies. I therefore applied for a position as a student trainee.

I have been working since then alongside my degree in the Research Technology department. Here I am allowed to be actively involved in research and development projects in which the subjects and tasks are very varied and diverse. I had the chance, amongst other things, to work on the design, setup and tests of mechanical assemblies for a prototype vehicle used in a mobile assistance system. Being able to particulate in the entire development and creation process is something which particularly appealed to me. The component parts I had created with the aid of CAD software were made and I was able to see them working 'live' on the prototype.

A student work placement is the ideal preparation for a semester internship or a final paper with SEW-EURODRIVE. I can only recommend to every student that they apply here.

Besides this I also had the chance to explore beyond the limits of my specialist area and get to know the areas of control engineering, and electronics in mechatronic systems. Colleagues here are very friendly and helpful. There was always a colleague on hand to answer my questions and support me if needed.

Because I really enjoyed working in research with SEW-EURODRIVE, I also wanted to write my bachelor's thesis in this department. This was not problem at all and I was able to freely select a topic for the final paper from my project group's area of research. The technical supervision during the work and the coordination with the university were outstanding.

Now that I have successfully completed the final paper, I am working as a student trainee again alongside my master's degree. At the moment, I am working on a feasibility study which examines the implementation for a sustainable logistics system. The aim of the concept being examined is to take the pressure off traffic on the streets. Here the intention is to transport flows of goods with the aid of logistics assistance systems. The vehicles used here distribute the transported goods intelligently and efficiently through a tunnel system. When collaborating on this project, I liked the fact that I had the opportunity to be able to work independently and I particularly enjoyed the positive working atmosphere within the project group.

I can only recommend that every student should apply to SEW-EURODRIVE for a student work placement. You learn a lot and the practical work is a great balance alongside the daily lectures at the university. A student work placement is the ideal preparation for a semester internship or a final paper at SEW-EURODRIVE.

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