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Data-gathering by SEW-EURODRIVE energy consultants

What benefits does our "Energy Management" service offer you?

Our Energy Management service helps you optimize the energy efficiency of your machinery and systems. Reduce your energy costs and benefit from an energy report that proves your energy management system works. As part of our energy management services, we carry out a power measurement to check the savings potentials that were forecast.

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Our services

Basic consulting
  • The service provides important information – from the fundamentals, basic know-how, industrial standards and statutory requirements to the main levers for saving energy, solution concepts, practical examples, reference projects and an estimate of savings potential
Data collection
  • SEW-EURODRIVE customers complete a standardized, application-specific survey form so as to gather relevant data
  • Specialists from SEW-EURODRIVE carry out an on-site visit and optional power measurement to gather data, identify additional potential for saving energy and prioritize measures
Energy efficiency analysis
  • An optimization concept is compiled, savings potential is accurately determined, investment costs are specified, economic efficiency is calculated and an energy report is drawn up to document the consultation results
Performance review / power measurement
  • The predicted savings potential is checked by carrying out an on-site power measurement

The added value for you

Enhanced energy efficiency and lower energy costs thanks to the optimized energy efficiency of drive components
Traceable and measurable success thanks to a comprehensive consultation concept, including success monitoring and results report
Documentation that can be put to various uses (verified savings potentials and key figures; results report and presentation). These offer evidence of analyses carried out to comply with statutory requirements (e.g. energy management, energy audit, motor regulations, etc.), enhance the company's image (e.g. in a sustainability report) and offer proof of training for auditing in relation to ISO 50001