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Pick-Up and Delivery Service

What do our Pick-up and Delivery Service offer you?

The scope of this service includes all services from reviewing your logistical requirements, to collection and delivery of drive components from all manufacturers.

Please enter your postal code to reach the appropriate contact person.

Your requirements

Takeover of the logistics for the pick-up and delivery of drive technology components
in your logistical and administrative outlay thanks to the entire coordination of your transport logistics being taken care of for you
Simple processing
thanks to centralized collection and regular or needs-based pick-up and delivery of drive components
One central contact person
for repairs/overhaul and for the pick-up and delivery required
Faster pick-up and delivery
if urgently required (e.g. due to system downtime)

Our services

Recording and reviewing the customer’s logistical requirements

Organizing (e.g. arranging appointments) and ordering the pick-up/delivery of drive technology components

Pick-up of all manufacturers’ drive technology components that are defective or need overhauled

Delivery of all manufacturers’ drive technology components that have been repaired or overhauled

Pick-up and delivery options:

  • Standard process: 2 – 3 days
  • Rush-order process: within 24 hours (by arrangement)
  • Processed by service technicians and technical support on site
  • Process with Pick-Up Box: centralized collection and an even simpler transport logistics process

Your benefits

Minimization of outlay and costs associated with administration and logistics
Time and cost savings thanks to a reduction in interfaces (one contact person for repairs/overhaul, including transport logistics)
Reduction in system downtime thanks to rapid processing of transport logistics (e.g. fast response times by sites across Germany)
Improved availability of materials thanks to reliable, punctual delivery

Digital commissioning of the Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Pick-Up via QR code:

The first option is to scan the specific QR code that we have placed directly on your Pick-Up Box. The scan will take you to a pickup form where your data has already been stored.

Pick-Up via Online Support:

The second option is to order the Pick-Up Box via the contact form in our Online Support. Please enter all relevant data, which are necessary for the pick-up.

These figures speak for themselves

Whatever your location in Germany, we’re never far away. Our expertise and experience maximize your system availability.
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