Achieve a lot with little: LIA flange connection

Everyone knows the small colorful plug-in bricks that can be assembled into houses, cars or airplanes depending on the imagination. The parts always find new uses according to the creativity of the user. The situation is similar with our flange connection, which we refer to internally as the LIA interface (bolt circle in the axle cross).

Freedom for your combination

In almost all areas of industrial production, manufacturing and transportation, the gearmotor is widely used as a drive. The variety of applications makes it almost impossible to manufacture gearmotors from individually manufactured parts. For this reason, we offer the so-called modular system, from which the modular individual components such as motor and gear units are assembled according to customer requirements and combined to form a gearmotor.

To enable you to configure and select the right drive for your application, adapters are sometimes used. Our corresponding flange connection, the LIA interface, allows you a large combinatorics with little effort.

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