The correct gear unit oil cuts your costs

Increase the service life and performance of you crane drives

Oil selection, oil analysis, oil sampling and oil change – how do they work and what should I know? How do I read a test report? Which oil is best for which purpose and which gear unit? Answers to these questions and many more besides can be found in our expert interview and further download material.

Expert interview and valuable tips for downloading

Gear unit oil analysis for crane drives from SEW-EURODRIVE.
Analyzing the condition of oil can delay the need for an oil change

If you have ever asked yourself what gear unit oil is best suited to your specific application conditions, then you will know that the subject of "lubricants" is a science in itself that leaves some users clueless – unless they have the correct background information. However, with the correct knowledge it is possible to operate crane systems considerably more efficiently and fail-safe.

To enable you to make the most of your drive technology, we have put together our comprehensive expertise on this subject for you as understandably as possible and without any unnecessary jargon.

Would you like to learn quickly and easily how to understand the complex connections between gear unit oil, gear unit type, operating temperature, service life, power density, etc. and act accordingly in a targeted way? If so, you are in the right place with SEW-EURODRIVE.

Guideline for gear unit oils in crane systems

This guideline will tell you what matters most when it comes to selecting gear unit oil, the advantages of regular oil analyses, how to take an oil sample correctly, and what to look out for when changing your oil.

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Interview with our gear oil experts

In this interview, Dr. Markus Wöppermann and Alexander Hüttinger, our experts for tribology and lubricants, explain the physical and chemical background of why which oil is best when.

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Understanding test reports better

What does the test report from an oil analysis tell me about the condition of my drive? Which values are recorded in the laboratory and what do they mean? Do you find yourself asking these kinds of questions, too? Then you should download our information about this now.

Find out more about what an oil laboratory report means

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