Interview with our gear unit oil experts

Achieving the best possible service life and performance with the correct gear unit oil

Our expert interview provides you with first-hand information about the effects of the physical and chemical backgrounds of lubricants and their contexts on specific practical applications and how you can significantly extend maintenance intervals by using the correct oil.

Which oil should I choose? How can I cut costs?

Oil experts Dr. Markus Wöppermann and Alexander Hüttinger
Dr. Markus Wöppermann and Alexander Hüttinger

Or do you know how your choice of lubricant affects the service life of your gear unit and can influence the performance of your entire system? Do you know the optimum friction range for your gear unit? Can you say off the top of your head what the four primary tasks are that gear unit oil fulfills? And are you clear about what to look out for when changing to a different type of oil?

Our customers ask us questions such as these every day. It's a good thing that we have experts with years of experience who are involved with the subject of lubricants on a daily basis. We spoke to Dr. Markus Wöppermann, who has been interested in lubricants from a young age, and to Alexander Hüttinger.

We think it is important to share knowledge with you, because it is only by discussing the requirements of an application and your drive technology that we can take understanding to another level. And that helps us find the solutions that are best for the system operator.

After all, one thing is for sure – if the user is unknowingly using an oil of unsuitable quality, a "maintenance hole" could open up that will cause huge costs. Rather than an expensive retrofit later on, it is much better to equip the gear unit with a high-quality oil that is perfectly suited to the application right from the outset. In this interview, you will find appropriate answers based on the physical and chemical backgrounds.

Would you like to have greater know-how when it comes to gear unit oil in the future? Then we heartily recommend reading our comprehensive interview with Dr. Markus Wöppermann and Alexander Hüttinger. Click here to access the free download.

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