Oil analysis – it is so quick and easy!

Take sample, send it off, and receive a laboratory report

Would an unforeseen failure of your complete crane system be a financial disaster for you? Would you therefore prefer to know in advance how things are looking with the service life of your crane drive and the gear unit oil used? Then it is worthwhile for you to carry out an oil analysis occasionally. We explain here how that works and what the results tell you.

Laboratory report reflects condition of oil and gear unit

Overview of oil analysis laboratory report

Whatever way you look at it, regular oil checks are recommendable for crane system operators. Firstly, this enables them to identify hidden damage to the gear unit at an early stage, making it possible to prevent a sudden failure of the gear unit and thus downtime in a system. Secondly, they can plan maintenance and oil change intervals based on the condition of the system. Oil checks can therefore save money in a number of ways.

That’s why we work closely with an independent laboratory for lubricant analyses. Within one day of receipt of the sample with the accompanying form completed in full, you will receive an easily understandable laboratory report about the current state of the oil and gear unit. This always includes professional and clear recommendations for action. This could be scheduling an oil change for the near future or planning some gear unit maintenance.

Our instructions contain everything you will need know about taking the sample correctly and submitting it conveniently along with the information about the application and the gear unit. We have also put together important information about the standard measured values that you will find in the laboratory report.

Minimize production failures by detecting wear early and read more about this in our free PDF document about oil analyses.

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