Guideline for gear unit oils in crane systems

Oil selection, oil analysis, oil sampling, oil change – what are the important points to remember?

Ensuring your crane system works "like a well-oiled machine", even in the toughest conditions, is about more than selecting the correct gear unit oil. Ongoing oil monitoring is also becoming increasingly important, as an oil analysis provides both information about the current state of the gear unit lubricant and vital indications about the condition of the gear unit itself.

The correct gear unit oil extends maintenance intervals

What does gear oil do? A gear unit oil is more than simply a means of keeping operation running. It is, in fact, just as important a component as the gear wheels where it ensures the friction surfaces of the gearing and the bearings are kept separate, largely prevents wear by establishing and maintaining a stable lubrication film. However, this is not the only role gear unit oil fulfills. It should also be remembered that minimizing friction and protecting surfaces from corrosion reduces heat generation.

You can find out how that is all connected in our guideline, which also contains valuable information about choosing the correct oil, regular oil analysis and how to carry out an oil change correctly.

Would you like to understand better in the future what tasks gear unit oil fulfills and what it is important to consider when choosing an oil? Then you should be sure to take a look at our "Guideline for gear unit oils in crane systems". Click here to get your free PDF document.

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