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What are the benefits of our electronic delivery notification service?

Electronic delivery notification makes it possible to coordinate your production processes exactly to the delivery, and to make arrangements for receipt of the goods. You can respond directly to questions coming from your goods recipient regarding the delivery date, without having to consult us in advance. You will therefore save time with our electronic delivery notification while automating manual processes at the same time.

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Our services

Electronic delivery notification informs you when goods are delivered. There is a notification for each delivery as soon as it leaves the factory

Important information such as the delivery note number, date of delivery, goods recipient, carrier and additional order information, are transmitted as part of the electronic delivery notification

Self-determined shipping method: Via EDI or e-mail

The added value for you

Notification of when goods are delivered results in better resource planning
Precise product planning control
Rapid receipt of goods due to advance knowledge of the delivery date
Can be combined perfectly with DriveTag

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