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SEW‑EURODRIVE employees work with the electronic data interchange on their PCs

What are the benefits of our electronic data interchange (EDI)?

The electronic data interchange (EDI) service supports you electronically in all aspects of order management – from ordering to invoicing. Take advantage of the tremendous automation potential provided by EDI. We advise you on platforms such as MyOpenFactory, Basware and Seeburger AG or direct links to standard formats such as EDIFACT or XML.

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Our services

We help you process your entire order management with us electronically:

From ordering, order confirmation, dispatch notification and even billing

The systems exchange the necessary data automatically. No manual data input is necessary

We provide advice on the best option for you:

using platforms such as MyOpenFactory, Basware and Seeburger AG

or via a direct connection with the most popular formats such as EDIFACT and XML.

The added value for you

Increased process reliability
Automation of your business processes as there is no need for manual shipping and recording processes
Significant savings potential when ordering electronically
Expert consultation from SEW‑EURODRIVE even when linking via external platforms
Protects the environment since business documents are transferred electronically