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Scanning barcode labels on the product

What are the benefits of our barcode labels service?

We provide your drives and packages with your defined data, such as your material number or project number, with our barcode labels (DriveTag). Our barcode labels give you simple and electronic drive identification, efficient control of all deliveries and their internal continued use. In this way, you can reduce the time and effort that is needed in your incoming goods department, and your internal material flow becomes more dynamic.

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Our services

The barcode labels contain data which you have defined, such as the SEW‑EURODRIVE serial number, material number or project number. Simple product identification and efficient assignment is thereby ensured at every process step – whether in incoming goods, in storage or in downstream stages.

The service is rounded off by comprehensive advice regarding suitable types of barcode or labels.

Four standard product labels with fixed contents:

  • Customer material number
  • Customer order number
  • Customer project number
  • SEW‑EURODRIVE serial number
  • Barcode types available: DataMatrix, C39, C128, PDF417

Standard package label

  • The most important information for incoming goods, shown as barcode and plain text, e.g. quantity, order number and material number
  • Free text field for additional customer information
  • Barcode types available: DataMatrix, C39, C128, PDF417

The added value for you

Quick and efficient product identification
Automated incoming goods process
Benefits in all parts of the company from the warehouse to assembly and maintenance
Less expenditure of time and low error rate