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What do our energy efficiency tools offer you?

Our energy efficiency tools support you as you work toward optimum efficiency – from determining the potential for cutting CO2 emissions and energy consumption analyses to country-specific energy efficiency regulations and conversion aids for energy-efficient motors. Our energy efficiency tools take you forward.

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Our services

Energy report

The energy consumption analysis in SEW‑Workbench enables you to identify energy-saving potential during project planning for a drive. The resulting energy report gives you the energy requirements, energy costs and CO 2 emissions for the specific application and the planned drive train.

Energy efficiency tools

Energy savings calculator

Determining the potential for saving energy and cutting CO2 emissions made possible by using energy-efficient motors. The calculator also works out the payback period for the investment.

IE guide

The IE Guide web application provides useful information on country-specific energy efficiency regulations.

Switching aids

Support when changing to an energy-efficient motor After selecting the current standard motor, you are given an overview of all the available energy-efficient motors with the relevant technical data.

The added value for you

Quick, simple and transparent calculation of the energy-saving potential that can be achieved
Energy-efficiency analyses for complete drive systems, also taking into account defined travel cycles
Documentation of the calculation results in the form of the SEW‑EURODRIVE results report
Use of analyses and relevant documentation as proof for compliance with statutory requirements (e.g. energy management, energy audits, motor regulations, etc.)