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What does our ESIS® service offer you?

When Festo, Sick and SEW‑EURODRIVE join forces, it can mean only one thing – three times the added value for machine and plant manufacturers. Together, we offer a solution that makes e-business easier across all suppliers.
ESIS® inform features a standardized linking scheme that ensures you can access up-to-date information, such as documentation, at any time – all at the click of a mouse and from the convenience of your own system. ESIS® comfort gives you an automated solution for importing quotation and order data into your application. ESIS® comfort therefore represents a new, simple alternative to complex EDI procedures.

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Your requirements

Work in your own system landscape
with simple interfaces to the supplier system
Maintain a constant overview
of the current workflow status of orders, quotations, service transactions and templates
Enjoy reliable quotation and order management processes
thanks to the automated transfer of quotation and order data into your system
Implement a direct and fast way of accessing
information from the convenience of your system
Obtain direct access
to the latest technical documentation

Our services

ESIS® inform

This interface enables you to access information directly from your system via our Online Support customer portal. Data is transferred for a targeted search in the supplier system, e.g. jumping to spare part orders based on a link to a serial number, transferring a quotation number so that CAD data can be generated, or transferring a customer material number to access an overview of all orders.

ESIS® comfort

ESIS® comfort is an automated solution for importing quotation and order data into your application. In addition to the usual PDF quotation or PDF order confirmation, you also receive an ESIS® comfort file via email containing all the necessary data.

The added value for you

Supplier-independent solution, meaning the interface can be used in a wide range of applications
Lower process costs and high process reliability by removing the need to enter supplier data manually and saving time
Ability to ensure documentation is up to date
Fast and easy integration into your systems
Direct access to information directly from your system
Round-the-clock availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Do you require product information, individual prices or full quotations for drive components?

Use the ESIS® inform interface to jump straight to our Online Support directly from your system. When you do that, your technical requirements are automatically transferred across as parameters – directly from your system. With just a few clicks, you can configure the product to suit your specifications, view prices and ask for a quotation.

ESIS® comfort gives you both your customized quotation and a universal XML file as a simple means of transferring data to your system.

Do you create product-related documentation or need CAD models?

ESIS® inform enables you to link your material master or transaction item to our technical documentation. When you transfer your search criterion (e.g. material, serial, or order number), you are given direct access to all the associated data and documents. Operating instructions, manuals, wiring diagrams, dimension sheets, and other product-specific documentation are available in more than 30 languages, as well as CAD models and product data in different formats.

Would you like to get data and documents for an entire project in one step? No problem! Generate your customized documentation package with just a mouse click.

Would you like to be able to rely on processes and still save time when placing orders?

Order processing has never been easier. Use ESIS® inform to transfer transaction-specific parameters to our Online Support, where you can then select components and place them in your shopping cart. Spare parts can also be easily ordered using the serial number or previous orders.

The arrival of an order confirmation generally means the start of a lot of work – but not with ESIS® comfort. When using this solution, you receive a universal XML file along with your order confirmation so you can import data automatically into your ERP system. This minimizes error sources and process costs.

Do you want to know the current status of your transactions at all times?

When using the ESIS® inform interface, one mouse click is all it takes to get directly from your system to the transaction overview in our Online Support. Your search criterion is transferred automatically. For example, you can track the progress of your order from production to the receipt of your goods.