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When Festo, Sick and SEW EURODRIVE join forces, it can mean only one thing – three times the added value for machine and plant manufacturers. The ESIS® solution devised by these three leading providers of automation technology makes e-business simpler for all suppliers. Customers use standardized links to connect their ERP system to the supplier's system. In addition to simplifying implementation, this eliminates the need to switch systems, provides easy access to documents, and makes light work of transmitting both quotation and order

Additional suppliers have already joined the initiative.

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ESIS® provides you with a free and uncomplicated solution for a known problem:

Anyone who requires information about products or individual parts usually has to type a large quantity of data into supplier systems manually. Quotations and order confirmations for suppliers also have to be painstakingly entered into your own systems. This is not just time-consuming but is also a source of errors that should not be underestimated. SEW-EURODRIVE solves this challenge for you in a reliable and uncomplicated way with ESIS® Inform and ESIS® Comfort.

ESIS® Inform allows you to retrieve information in a supplier-encompassing way using a standardized interface. This gives you access to the latest technical documentation, product data sheets, and CAD data at all times – from your own system. Local storage and updating of large quantities of data is no longer necessary. You can also retrieve the order and delivery status using ESIS® Inform with a single mouse click.

ESIS® Comfort provides you with an automated facility for importing quotation and order data into your application. In addition to the pdf document, you also receive an ESIS® Comfort file. This universal XML file uses the known OCI attribute names and therefore makes it possible to implement the data transfer in your system in a simple way. ESIS® Comfort therefore represents a new, simple alternative to the complex EDI procedure.

Advantages at a glance

  • Supplier-encompassing linking scheme

    Uniform links connect your systems to the respective supplier system
  • Simple integration in your own systems

    Direct access to information such as product data and prices, CAD models, order and delivery status
  • No manual data entry

    A high degree of process reliability and time-saving is achieved by automatically transferring quotation and order data

ESIS® usage examples

Quick quotation with just a few clicks

Sie benötigen Produktinformationen, Einzelpreise oder ganze Angebote für Antriebskomponenten?
ESIS® - Mit wenigen Klicks zum Angebot

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Sie benötigen Produktinformationen, Einzelpreise oder ganze Angebote für Antriebskomponenten?

Do you require information, individual prices, or entire quotations for drive components?

Simply switch from your system to our Online Support using the ESIS® Inform interface. You automatically transfer your technical requirements as parameters – directly from your system. With just a few clicks, you can configure the product in accordance with your specifications, view prices, and inquire about a quotation.

With ESIS® Comfort your receive your individual quotation and also a universal XML file for transferring data to your system.

Current product documentation – available immediately

Sie erstellen projektbezogene Dokumentationen oder benötigen CAD-Modelle?
ESIS® - Aktuelle Produktdokumente sofort verfügbar

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Sie erstellen projektbezogene Dokumentationen oder benötigen CAD-Modelle?

Do you create product-related documentation or need CAD models?

Using ESIS® Inform you connect your material master or your transaction item to our technical documentation. When you transfer your search criterion (e.g., material, serial, or order number), you are given direct access to all of the associated data and documents. Operating instructions, manuals, wiring diagrams, dimension sheets, and other product-specific documentation is available – in more than 30 languages as well as CAD models and product data in different formats.

Do you want data and documents for an entire project in one step? No problem! Generate your individual documentation package with just a mouse click.

Order with feedback channel - manual recording is a thing of the past

Sie möchten beim Bestellen Prozesssicherheit und dabei auch noch Zeit sparen?
ESIS® - Bestellen mit Rückkanal

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Sie möchten beim Bestellen Prozesssicherheit und dabei auch noch Zeit sparen?

Do you want to have process reliability and also save time when ordering?

Order processing has never been easier. With ESIS® Inform you transfer transaction-specific parameters to our Online Support. Here you can select components and place them in the shopping cart. Spare parts can also be easily ordered using the serial number or previous orders.

The work usually starts with the order confirmation – but not with ESIS® Comfort.

With this system you receive both the order confirmation and a universal XML file, which makes it possible to carry out an automatic import into your ERP system. Error sources and process costs are therefore minimized.

Keeping an eye on the order status at all times

Den Status im Blick.
ESIS® - Den Bestellstatus immer im Blick

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Den Status im Blick.

Do you want to be informed about the current status of your transactions at all times?

One mouse click suffices to go from your system directly to the transaction overview in our Online Support via the ESIS® Inform interface. Your search criterion is transferred automatically. For example, you can track the progress of your order from production to the receipt of your goods.

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