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Efficient drive solutions for the food industry

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The increasing demand for sustainable and healthy food poses new challenges for manufacturers in the food industry. Production processes need to be adapted, and innovations are needed to meet industry-specific trends such as new flavors, changed dietary preferences, and sustainability, namely energy efficiency and seamless traceability of resources. All this with a focus on hygienic production and the highest quality standards. The efficient use of modern technologies is crucial to remain competitive. With its efficient and holistic drive and automation solutions, SEW-EURODRIVE supports its customers in the food industry with their requirements and goals in being able to process raw materials into food quickly and efficiently.

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Always one step ahead with our condition monitoring systems and comprehensive forecasts for maintenance.
Tried and tested
Individual drive solutions from the tried and tested modular system from SEW-EURODRIVE, used in numerous installations worldwide.
Each system is unique and complex. We plan energy-efficient drive solutions to suit your application – according to the latest and highest energy standards (IE5).
Available worldwide
SEW-EURODRIVE offers the right solutions and reliable service including spare parts for all process steps – worldwide. No matter where the customer is, they get the same high quality and fast service everywhere.

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Our experts know your industry and the requirements for food production. Our global network ensures we are close at hand wherever and whenever you need us.

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The requirements for the production of confectionery are diverse: Flexible multi-purpose systems are required for industrial production of chocolate or bakery products. SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology with an extremely high degree of automation makes production easier. Process steps, parameters and recipes can be controlled precisely and flexibly, and startup is very fast and easy without programming knowledge.

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In industrial meat processing, machines that have direct contact with food must meet the highest hygiene requirements. Whether frozen, fresh or marinated pieces of meat, SEW-EURODRIVE solutions meet stringent requirements and automate demanding manual processes.

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When making yogurt or cheese, machines move large masses. Systems that ensure efficient load management and secure the power supply of the servo drives even in the event of grid fluctuations are required. Thanks to scalable control and intuitive software, the systems can be started up quickly and easily, and milk processing processes run smoothly.

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Baking and pasta production relies on maximum flexibility and productivity to meet individual customer requirements quickly and with the highest quality. At the same time, sustainability, energy efficiency and prevention of the shortage of skilled workers are important factors for success. Whether it's breakfast rolls or ready-made pizzas, SEW-EURODRIVE is a reliable and strong partner that provides you with the best possible support for your requirements, for example in production, for digital transformation and sustainable energy supply.

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In the grain or sugar mill, robust and reliable production systems are required in dusty and vibrating environments. High-performance drives that run energy-efficiently are used at consistently high throughput. The integration of smart sensor technology plays a key role in monitoring process parameters, temperature profiles, vibrations and pressure conditions, thus ensuring the quality of production.

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Storage space is expensive, storage, materials handling and packaging technology also costs a lot of space, energy and time. As an experienced partner in mobile and warehouse logistics, SEW-EURODRIVE helps you make the best use of existing storage space and reduce operating costs through intelligent energy management and smart materials handling technology.

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References from the food industry – one of the key industries for global nutrition.

Electric cylinder of the CMS.. series White ice cream cup with cream-colored and red ice cream Tubs with various patterns of chocolate and vanilla pudding Sugar beets Drive technology for a hoist Green sugar cane on a field


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We're here to help

Our experts know your industry and its requirements. Our global
network ensures we are close at hand wherever and whenever you need us.