Failure management for crane malfunctions

Finding the fault in the system quickly and remedying the cause yourself

The goal of every crane operator is to have the system working as efficiently as possible, while avoiding failures. Nevertheless, failures can occur in drive technology. In this case, it is important to identify the possible causes in order to implement the correct measures.

"Failure management" info graphic

Icons for oil, temperature and wear
Failure management for drive systems in crane systems

No matter what kind of gearmotor you have in your crane system, the priority when there is a problem in one of the drive systems is to respond rapidly. After all, system downtime has a huge effect on costs.

It's even better, then, if you can rectify the failure quickly yourself. In order to prepare for emergencies, we have summarized possible faults, their causes, and suitable corrective measures in an info graphic.

For example, would you come up with the idea to use an oil analysis to check the condition of your gear unit if unusual noises and vibrations occurred in the drive train? In certain cases, changing the oil or switching to another, more powerful type of oil could be helpful.

This is just one example of how you can quickly take action yourself in the event of certain malfunctions. In the event of failure of the drive technology, the most important thing to do is analyze the fault and determine the cause in order to initiate countermeasures quickly.

Would you like to avoid downtime in the future and create your own root cause analysis for your crane system?

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