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From delivery through to the finished product

In ever more complex production processes that also offer a high level of flexibility, each new product innovation and every new customer request increases the demand for greater customization. At the same time, production processes in the beverage industry have to harmonize the supply of raw materials perfectly with many different stations such as pumping, stirring and mixing, in addition to meeting the most stringent standards of hygiene.

Key goals


Less downtime thanks to low-maintenance, robust, high-quality products.

Hygiene requirements

A long service life and easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design, stainless steel surfaces and food-grade lubricants.

Reducing CO2

The increasing pace of climate change has made reducing CO2 a key issue. Energy-efficient solutions are required to achieve greater sustainability and reduce costs.

Our solutions

Beverage industry – Process technology numbered

Pumps (progressive cavity pump and dispensing pump)

Progressive cavity pumps and dispensing pumps are classified as displacement pumps. The former is used for transferring media such as milk-based products. The dispensing pump, on the other hand, is used for precise filling into the relevant containers. Precision is an absolute must.

Your requirements

  • High dispensing accuracy
  • Smooth running
  • Excellent hygiene

Our solution

DR.. series AC motors DR.. series AC motors R.. series helical gear units R.. series helical gear units CM3C.. series synchronous servomotors CM3C.. series synchronous servomotors

Lauter tun

The solid and liquid components of the mash are separated in the lauter tun. Lautering is a key part of the beer brewing process. The liquid that will later become the beer is slowly drained from the lauter tun into a suitable container. The residual grain at the bottom of the tun is loosened using a rake system. The rake drive must continue to achieve high speeds during draining.

Your requirements

  • Handling changing speeds and loads
  • Energy-efficient, low-maintenance drive technology

Our solution

Generation X.e helical gear units / bevel-helical gear units Generation X.e helical gear units / bevel-helical gear units P.. series planetary gear units P.. series planetary gear units MOVIDRIVE® frequency inverter MOVIDRIVE® frequency inverter


Agitators carry out a large number of tasks, such as mixing, dissolving, cooling, heating, hydrating, fermenting and emulsifying. In addition to what the agitator is doing, consideration must also be given to the liquid involved when it comes to the agitator drive. For example, emulsions require different processing than sensitive foodstuffs such as milk.

Your requirements

  • Flexible agitator operation
  • Treating different media

Our solution

MOVITRAC® advanced MOVITRAC® advanced K.. series helical-bevel gear units K.. series helical-bevel gear units DR.. series AC motors DR.. series AC motors

Life Cycle Services

For us at SEW‑EURODRIVE, Life Cycle Services encompass services, tools and resources throughout your entire system life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems.

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We would be more than happy to put together a customized service package for you – completely tailored to your needs and scalable at any time.

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