Tips for your visit to the trade fair

At SEW‑EURODRIVE, we want to make sure you feel at home throughout your stay. We have therefore answered some of the most important questions regarding your visit to the trade fair here.

What are the options for parking at HANNOVER MESSE?

There is an abundance of parking spaces in the vicinity of the exhibition center
There is an abundance of parking spaces in the vicinity of the exhibition c
There is an abundance of parking spaces in the vicinity of the exhibition c

Around 39,000 car parking spaces are available for visitors in the vicinity of the exhibition center. The various parking spaces and car parks are located near the entrances. The parking areas are divided into four zones with a color-coded parking guidance system.

  • Red: North
  • Blue: East
  • Green: South
  • Yellow: West

The parking charges are 11 euros per day and parking space. If you are in a parking space or parking lot with exit barriers, you need an exit ticket. You can purchase them before or after visiting the trade fair at one of the blue pay stations that are provided around the exhibition center. In some parking lots, parking attendants collect the fee directly. In this case, you buy a daily parking ticket when you enter the lot. You then place the ticket in an easily visible area behind the windshield of your car.

During HANNOVER MESSE, the parking lots are open around the clock. Outside the HANNOVER MESSE opening times you can still enter and exit the area by car.

Where can I go out in Hanover?

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Don't want to go straight back to the hotel after your visit to the trade fair? No problem. In Hanover you can find quaint pubs, trendy lounges and elegant bars where you can unwind. Sophisticated cocktails, fine wines and traditional handcrafted beers are all on the menu.

SEW‑EURODRIVE offers you a small selection of interesting locations.

Are there any good restaurants at HANNOVER MESSE?

Work hard, eat well
Work hard, eat well

At the HANNOVER MESSE exhibition center, around 40 restaurants and bistros ensure that visitors to the fair are well nourished. The food on offer includes German and international cuisines. The amenities are sometimes elegant, sometimes rustic, but always appealing.

  • In the eleven bistros on site, you can find drinks and snacks for a little something in between meals.
  • There are twelve self-service restaurants – ideal for a quick yet high-quality lunch.
  • You can also find 14 full-service restaurants in the fair halls – perfect for a business lunch or a pleasant conclusion to your visit.

The highlight of the restaurants at HANNOVER MESSE is the Cosmopolitan. "Highlight" has a double meaning here: In the Cosmopolitan, you can enjoy top-quality fine dining cuisine. You do so at a height of 38 meters, with a view over the entire exhibition center and Hanover.

There is huge selection of places for anyone who likes to eat well in Hanover. Visitors to the HANNOVER MESSE have a choice of more than 800 restaurants and guest houses. Whether you want classic Italian pizza, American burgers, Asian cuisine or local specialties, Hanover has a treat for every palate. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the exhibition center. The remainder of the eateries can easily be reached with a short taxi ride.

Here are some tips from SEW‑EURODRIVE for your stay at the trade fair:

Can I use the free WLAN at HANNOVER MESSE?

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With your trade fair ticket you receive free access to the WLAN in all of the trade fair halls. The SSID is "MESSEfreewifi". To activate the WLAN, enter your ticket code or the barcode in it. You can use the WLAN for three hours in total. Due to the structural features of the event halls and the large number of users, however, it may not be possible to transmit data quickly.

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